Home Zone - 7 Steps

    How to use the new “HomeZone” system in 7 easy steps.

    1. Your ongoing use of HomeZone requires you to volunteer at least one afternoon per term from 3.00pm til 3.30pm to be the parent on duty who will call the names of arriving parents to the children waiting in HomeZone.

    2. To register on HomeZone – pls fill in the form or contact Home Zone Co-ordinator
    Your name:
    Your tel number:
    Your eldest childs name and class:
    A sign will then be made up and delivered to your child’s classroom. You will also be added to the HZ Database.

    3. Each term you will allocate yourself an afternoon shift within the HZ google document.

    4. Make sure your laminated name sign is clearly visible on your dashboard. If you don’t have your name sign then please park elsewhere and walk back. If you have multiple cars or have other people who collect your kids you’ll need to make extra name signs.

    5. Drive up to the HomeZone pick up area and move to the front of the queue. Please do not arrive before 3.10pm or you’ll be asked to go around the block.

    6. The parent volunteer on duty will call out your name to the waiting children. If yours aren’t there yet, you must do a loop of the block to make space for others behind you. Please do not sit in the queue waiting. It is awkward and confronting for both you and that day’s volunteer to have to ask you to do a loop of the block, so please consider everyone’s convenience by following this guideline before being asked to.

    7. Every family who uses HomeZone must volunteer at least one afternoon per term to be the parent volunteer. This can be a grandparent or other carer on your behalf. You’ll only be needed for 30 minutes from 3.00pm until 3.30pm. Other children with you on your day can sit safely in the HomeZone waiting area. If you can’t make it on your scheduled day you must personally find a replacement. If you’re unwilling or unable to volunteer, then please make alternative arrangements to collect your children rather than using HomeZone.