Home Zone

    As many of you will know the school offers a convenient afternoon pick-up area on the Duntroon Avenue side of the school that is known as “HomeZone” (HZ). Children wait in HZ from 3.10pm and their parent or guardian drives past to collect them. While waiting they are supervised by Mr Moran, and a parent volunteer is also there every afternoon to supervise the safe and smooth running of HZ.

    There are several important guidelines that the P&C and the school have developed for how HZ must be used, and families who want to use it must register with the school beforehand. Using HZ also requires every family to volunteer one afternoon, from 3.00 til 3.30, each term to take their turn as the parent supervisor.

    The other HZ guidelines explain the use of a printed family name sign for your car’s windscreen and also the procedure for “going around the block” if your child is not immediately ready for collection when you pull up. Parking and waiting in HZ, even for a minute, is not allowed as it prevents other cars from pulling in and slows the whole process down to a crawl with waiting cars banked back into Archbold Rd.

    We encourage families who are unable to volunteer an afternoon and those who don’t feel comfortable about using the procedures for HZ to either park nearby and walk back to meet children or to arrange a meeting place nearby where your children can safely find you either further along Duntroon Ave or in Margaret St, Bancroft Ave, Addison Ave, or Moore St; all of which can be accessed by using pedestrian crossings or not crossing a road at all. This alternative may not be suitable for kindy aged children, but is suggested for those who are a little older.

    If you would like to start using HZ submit the HZ form here or send: your name, your child’s name, your child’s class and your mobile number to our HZ co-ordinator.

    You will be required to do a HZ shift once per term. Once registered you will have access to the HZ Google Doc where you will allocate yourself a shift.

    You will then receive a laminated family name sign for your windscreen along with detailed information on the procedures and safe use of HZ. Later on you will receive information on how to volunteer your day for the subsequent term.

    ON YOUR DAY …..please arrive at HomeZone by 3pm and put on the hi-visibilty vest - which must be worn.  Almost every afternoon either Mr Moran or one of the other executive staff will also be there to directly supervise the waiting children.
    There are five basic things you need to know and do:
    1. Remind parents that they may not park and wait until their children arrive but rather they must go around the block to make room for other cars. The general sentiment is that no one should be arriving before 3.10pm so if they do get there early they need to go around the block. "No Standing" areas only allow a 2 minute stay and a driver may not be more than 3 metres from their car. It does feel awkward, but you will need to firmly request anyone who sits and waits to do a lap of the block.
    2. Signal drivers to move to the front of the queue to allow as much room as possible behind them. You'll find you need to do this continually. 
    3. THE MAIN THING - look out for the laminated name sign that will be placed on a car's dashboard and call that name to the waiting children with the megaphone. Where needed direct children to their car and quickly get bags on board for a fast departure. Anyone arriving without a name sign on their dash needs to be politely reminded to do so in future to expedite the process.
    4. It can be tempting to stop for a chat with people that you know but please avoid this because any delay slow things down to a crawl with a bank up of cars back into Archbold Rd.
    5. You will be finished and free to leave by 3.30pm. Please leave the hi-visibilty vest back in its place.